About Us

Based in Perth, Western Australia we company specialises in residential construction, providing a one-stop shop for scaffolding products and services, site toilets, cement sheds and builders’ hoists.

Our broad range of products supports a diverse array of clientele, from small owner-builders to multi-million-dollar commercial developments.

No matter what size the project, our goal remains the same: 

To support efficient, affordable and safe construction through the provision of quality, customised products, service and advice.

Containment Group has access to cutting edge design, high quality products and an impressive workforce of skilled personnel.


Combined with our local understanding, proven  experience in the residential construction sector and genuine commitment to personalised, reliable service, there is no better option than Containment Group  for your next build.

A firm commitment to quality and attention to detail gives Containment Group a leading position in the scaffolding and site equipment industry. We pride ourselves on supplying each of our clients with high quality products they can trust and depend on to help them achieve their business goals.